QuestionI'm a 21 year old Caucasian/Italian boy and I respect the hell out of you. Answer

Thank you.

Freethinking bisexual nonbeliever. Nobody really loves or cares for people like me…

I’ll be away from tumblr until further notice. Right now I’m just trying to get my son back [his father took him and refuses to give him back - he’s in violation of a court order] and pay for a lawyer, too. The lawyer wants 500 dollars for a retainer and 500 dollars later that I can pay off in increments. So I have that to handle as well as fighting my inner feelings. I’m in so much pain these days because I miss my son so much. It’s like every step I take moving forward in getting my son, I get kicked 50 steps back. I’m working on getting my job back that I quit a week and 6 days after this all transpired. I just hope they’re willing to have me back like they said they did. I feel so useless and hopeless right now and I miss my sweetie.

When I’m dedicated to something, I want to be dedicated to it. Some may say it’s just a Tumblr page, but you’re my family, too. You guys cared more about me than my biological family ever did. You’ve helped me, supported me and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Goodbye, Tumblr…for now.

Love, Lee

Towards other atheists. I don’t know what to think of it.


Westboro Baptist church came to Moore, OK yesterday. They lasted just over two minutes before citizens crossed the street and ran them out of town.


My catholic friend is at it again. Attacking Richard Dawkins out of the blue. He’s never read anything by Dawkins, but he sure does have an opinion about what he’s heard.

Knowing that, he shouldn’t even be entertained.

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Questiony do u care that ppl r religious? wats it to u? it wouldnt be so bad if u wasnt pushing ur beliefs on every1 else. Answer

Am I seriously pushing my “beliefs” on everyone else? Really? I don’t recall coming to your home or running up to you on the street shoving AtheistTower pamphlets in your face. Before I got your message, someone told me to turn to god and believe in him to get my son back and that god is the answer. He’ll help me with my chronic depression and such. Your religion and other religion wouldn’t be so bad if people weren’t dying over it or oppressing other people over it. Keeping two loving people from getting married over it. Giving people excuses for justifying their ignorance and bigotry over it. Get back to me when it stops doing that and many other things. Okay? Thanks.

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Questionlets not even begin on religion lets start with: black = person on welfare, stealing from the government. my tax dollars are at work keeping you a lazy, no good, monkey. go back to africa. atheism = mad at god, revolting scum. you can take your dogma back to africa with you. america will always be a christian nation. Answer

You know what, I’m going to respond to this in hopes other people will think before they speak. I’m assuming you’re not a minority, here so bare with me. White people reap 69% of the welfare benefits even though 42% of you are on welfare. There was a white couple living on a million-dollar yacht and was receiving benefits. There are a lot more of those stories if you know where to look. The point I’m making has shit to do with who’s doing worse. My point is, don’t tell me what black equates to when it can be the same for whites. I’m also not excusing black people for lying to the government, either. My grandmother got a half a million at least from 5 children over the span of our lives by lying and making us part of it when she did lie. Want to know how to lie to the government and get away with it? Ask my grandmother. There are people on both sides of the wall doing the same shit and guess what? They don’t have to. Welfare was not meant for people to stay on it. It was meant to give people a boost in the right direction. Notice how I said people and not blacks or whites; mexicans or asians. Even though welfare was meant to move people in the right direction there are times when shit can get in the way of progress. It could be health, economical issues, family, etc. Shit happens. Some people get stuck, others just stay because hey, why not? Welfare is not exclusive to a specific race and twats like you fail to realize that.

Moving on…

Your “tax dollars” aren’t just providing for welfare. They’re providing for wars, social security, state taxes that have shit to do with welfare, etc. People who complain about taxes only do so because they feel they’re superior in one form or another. Listen, there are people with jobs who still get welfare. Unless you’re living under a rock then I would understand you not hearing about Walmart and McDonald’s employee abuse - for lack of a better word. 


So, because you feel a certain way about society, everyone has to be grouped together? I’m sorry - blacks - have to be grouped together? Oh top of that, we have the be “monkeys”? I haven’t been called a monkey in a while. Bigots are actually more creative these days. Thanks for taking it back a few decades. “Go back to Africa”, huh? I was never there to begin with. Oh, you meant for my ancestors to go back to Africa? Well, gosh darn it, if they didn’t go off and die before they all could be rounded up and put back on a ship once they were freed…

Moving on…

I’m an atheist because I’m awake. I made choices in my life based on me, not worrying if some sky-daddy is in the sky looking down at me; judging my every goddamned move. Revolting scum? What? Dogma? Huh? I bet you think Christianity started the sanctity of marriage, too? Well, I’m here to tell ya’ that you’re wrong about that as well as the U.S being a christian nation. ‘In god we trust’ wasn’t put on money until the 1950’s. There’s not one single line in the US Constitution that mentions god…in any shape or form. You thinking this is a christian nation doesn’t make it true. 

I hope you and other people like you learned something today. Even though I did get a bit lazy at the end. The reason for even responding was starting to slowly fade away.

QuestionThere is such a thing as black atheists. I should know, I am one. Answer

That person was a tool. Or lived under a very heavy rock.

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Questionure racist. Answer


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QuestionAre u a girl or a boy? Answer

I’m female.

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Questionthere is no such thing as a black atheist. Answer

With that logic, there’s no such thing as a black christian, either.

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QuestionHey I just want to say I find your blog motivatjng. I happen to come from another athiest minority; middle eastern athiests. To think that the cradle of civilization is rampant with religious violence, and mired in scientific backwardness is sad. Answer

Indeed it is.