Black Atheists

We are a minority within a minority.


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Anonymous asked:
Did you ever believe that atheism was a white people thing?

No, actually I did not. I knew I didn’t believe in god around the same time it was proven to me that santa wasn’t real. I just didn’t know the terminology about how I felt about religion. When I got older, I always thought it was a human thing, not a ‘white thing’. It wasn’t until many beatings and forcing to go to church later that I realize how infused religion is in the black community. I guess it could lead black people to believe that it’s a white thing.  

Anonymous asked:
I don't know about you but um...welfare, and food stamps is definitely black privilege.

So many things are wrong with this statement, I honestly don’t know where to start.

I’m glad this group exists, I had never once considered the additional heat black atheists took being a minority within a minority. One of my best friends (black) told me my atheism was a white thing, that my lack of struggles made it east to “not need a god” ugh.
— 出典:Brett W. [Member from BA]

I support black atheists because religion is so deeply ingrained in black culture in America that it is easy to wind up ostracized (one of the many oppressive tools of religion) and alone. It is much more than just a declaration of freedom from religion, but a statement against society as a whole and can carry many consequences.

I greatly respect and admire their courage in standing up to established ways that have taken advantage of them over the centuries.

All atheists need to stand together. Many religious folks would love to see atheists divisive in the first place. Why give them fuel for their fire?

— 出典:Chris M. [Member from BA]
I have mostly lived in places that are the majority of my own race ( white) but even so most people I knew were christian or believed in God… myself included. But I met some here and there that were not and did not believe in God.. but honestly the black people I met… were really big on going to church and being christians and all that. So back when I came across this page it was.. odd to me to say the least. I dont mean that in a bad way…but having seen how into church and all that black people were while I was growing up and all ..the thought of black atheist threw me off. However as I learned more about certain things about religion and all that I came to understand a bit more if that makes any sense. I don’t understand how black people or heck ANYONE can go along with a religion that condones slavery, rape, murder, and all that.
— 出典:Kami-sama A. [Member from BA]
Anonymous asked:
So you'er havin a kid are you? hope it isn't a boy or you're going to be heartbroken in 19 years when he's killed.

Damn…so my 3-year-old son has an expiration date of 17 years? Can I have the lottery numbers?


Some interesting commentary from Crommunist, who is a Canadian black man on how he is treated by the Vancouver Police (Canadian) vs what’s going on in the US with Ferguson.

You should follow his twitter, though. I’m a fan.


Just let this sink in for a bit. #ferguson





shots fired



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