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We are a minority within a minority.

Hello! I ran across your blog when I was looking for new blogs to follow. I am a Christian, I have been saved for 7 years now. Before you stop reading I'm not here to bash your beliefs. I guess I can say I dislike the traditions of most churches that people consider religion also. I don't know you and I am not going to claim to agree/disagree seeing how I have only read your intro. I think that there are too many hypocrites claiming to be Christians. Is this close to why you hate "religion"?

I honestly considered your question for a while before answering but I have to say I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a Christian that I can’t consider a hypocrite. I’ve never met someone that I feel claims Christianity but actually follows all of the teachings out as fully as they are describes in the bible. Don’t get me wrong, in some ways I’m quite glad that Christians don’t stone adulterers or kill people for working on the Sabbath but even in the less extreme teachings Christians are still hypocritical. Perhaps in some small shack somewhere there is a Christian who truly does embody the (positive) teachings of Christianity and follows them closely but I’ve never come across this person and feel it’s quite likely I never will. It is simply not possible for the average Christian.

I often get messages from Christians looking to find a common ground in the feeling I have towards religion and their own world view but you likely won’t find much. I honestly think it is a symptom of ego and a way that many Christians attempt to seek outside validation. They want “their” version of Christianity to not have the same stigma attached to it that they see in “others” views of Christianity. It alleviates them of the guilt or stress in calling themselves a “Christian” well still realizing the travesty that is Christianity in general.  You may find a good number of things that I point out about religion that you agree with if you take the time to look but chances are there would be little if anything I agree with in regards to your view of Christianity. I don’t accept that there is a purely “good” version of Christianity, being solely good doesn’t require a religion at all and anytime you add in a religion it only muddles things.

So in short, no, that isn’t the reason I hate religion. “Bad” Christianity doesn’t make a “good” Christian a hypocrite, Christianity in general makes an otherwise normal person in to one. As much as you may not like many of the things that Christians have done the world over if that is your religion you must accept and face the fact that thousands of people do terrible things because of it. Trying to distance your Christianity from the real terrible history of Christianity is attempting to white wash over problems and alleviate yourself of any association to it. To me that is unacceptable.

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The oldest living thing in the world: These actinobacteria, recovered from the subterranean brrrrr-osphere that is Siberian permafrost, are estimated to be 500,000 years old. While many ancient microbes have been revived from ancient dormant states, these bacterial cells have been continuously living for half a million years. It’s known that the bacteria aren’t mobile in the frozen Earth, so by radioactively dating the layers of soil around the microbes, scientists were able to estimate their age.

Unable to divide and reproduce, these microbes were shown to be actively repairing their DNA despite the frigid temperatures, their enzymes uniquely adapted to an environment that would mean certain death for perhaps every other creature on Earth. While not growing, moving, or reproducing, this sort of cryostasis counts as living if you ask me (and the scientists who study them).

What do you think this means for the possibility of life on other planets?

(via Rachel Sussman and Brain Pickings. Check out the original 2007 research paper here)

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Anonymous asked:
If I made a page called white atheists would that be racism?

-sighs- Someone Just asked me this on the black atheist page. It’s not a far stretch that it’s the same person. Which is why I’m not going to repeat myself. 

"Feminism and religion have a lot in common, it only works if your a victim. I prefer the ladies in my life to be strong."

 if you need to demonize men, and ask for entitlements to be empowered, then you may be a little weak. My mother and my wife are the strongest women I have ever known. I know this will probably be taken the wrong way, but strong people don’t need to be saved. -by someone misinformed

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Women In The Bible

Women In The Bible


This is just a brief list of how women are treated in the bible. Of course there are scriptures that contradict a lot of them. I’m not going to list them all, I’d be here all day.

A woman is responsible for the origin of sin. -Genesis 3:6

This one is – of course – contradictory, because in Romans 5:12-19 it states that Adam caused original sin to enter the world.

A woman is the reason for Samsonl…

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You and me both.

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I was given this ticket when I walked inside my neighborhood Family Dollar. -Lee


white people tanning: your so lucky with your natural tan! you don’t have to worry about all this!!

dark skin people: it’s great isn’t it? you get to mimic one of my most beautiful qualities and be considered MORE beautiful, while I have it naturally and face worse discrimination the darker I get!